Must Visit Hidden Gems in Koh Samui

Taking a Koh Samui nature tour is one of the most popular ways to uncover more of Samui that tourists often overlook. Whether you’re blazing a trail on one of Koh Samui’s hiking trails or walking on familiar paths, touring Samui’s naturescape is not only a rewarding experience but also an excellent way to appreciate this island paradise. Read on and understand  Koh Samui’s hidden gems, and find out how Melati Resort can be your home away from home while you explore off the beaten path.

Why You Must Visit Samui

Pristine white sands, a pleasant climate, and crystal clear waters. This is what most people think of when they decide to book a nature tour in Koh Samui. Besides searching for Koh Samui’s hidden gems, this island is well known for its delicious cuisine and a cultural medley of Chinese, Malay, and Thai fusion. With so much natural beauty and outdoor activities to try, it’s no wonder people want to go on Koh Samui nature tours.

Koh Samui Hiking Trails and You

Hiking is a trendy way to explore new destinations. Not only is it a great way to meet friends, but it’s also good for helping you stay in shape while keeping in touch with nature. Koh Samui’s hiking trails are paths to stunning vistas and hidden gems off the beaten path, so plan carefully when you prepare to explore!

What Are Koh Samui’s Hidden Gems?

Here are five of Koh Samui’s hidden gems. A notable thing about these local attractions is that they are mainly reachable through Koh Samui’s hiking trails. These five trails are quite popular among tourists and locals alike, so be aware that these hiking trails may be packed during peak tourist season.

Na Muang Waterfall

Na Muang Waterfall is a waterfall that is located in the interior of Koh Samui. Just south of the town called Nathon, Na Muang is divided into two tiers called Na Muang 1 and Na Muang 2 which are one of Koh Samui’s many hiking trails. Namuang 1 is quite easy to reach, although Namuang 2 will require more hiking to reach. Wear some sturdy hiking shoes, and remember to stay hydrated!

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is one of Koh Samui’s hidden gems. Located on an island connected to the rest of Koh Samui by a causeway, the area is locally known as Wat Phra Yai. Although not part of Koh Samui’s hiking trails, you can easily fit the Big Buddha into your itinerary, especially in between your nature tours in Koh Samui. Visitors to the Big Buddha should keep in mind that this is a temple, and to dress modestly.

Khao Nui

Khao Nui is one of Koh Samui’s hiking trails with a notable feature: it runs in a loop spanning 8.7 kilometers. The hiking trail isn’t considered difficult, and one of the big draws of taking a Koh Samui nature tour in Khao Nui is that you can go mountain biking and bird watching in peace. With an average completion of two hours, Khao Nui is also Koh Samui’s hidden gem for people who enjoy solo hikes.

Hin Ta Hin Yai

Hin Ta and Hin Yai are two of Koh Samui’s hidden gems that can be found in the southern part of Lamai Beach. The source of many a legendary tale and more than a few giggles, these two fascinating rock formations aren’t part of Koh Samui’s hiking trails, but the stunning view they provide of the surrounding nature scape is anything short of picturesque.

Hin Lat Waterfall Trail

The Hin Lat Waterfall is a fairly short and easy hike that spans only 1.5 kilometers. As one of Koh Samui’s hiking trails, the relatively flat and well-maintained trail makes it ideal for beginner hikers looking to conquer more challenging trails during their Koh Samui nature tour. Surrounded by lush forests, the trail eventually leads to Hin Lat Waterfall, whose base is a great place to go swimming. Be careful around the rocks, as they can be slippery,  and don’t forget to bring water and wear the right hiking shoes!

Where to Stay While Visiting Koh Samui’s Hidden Gems?


Taking a Koh Samui Nature tour could be much more exciting if you had a place to stay during your trip to Koh Samui. Melati Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect place to stay while you’re out exploring the rest of the island. With a commanding view of the tranquil Thongson Bay, this resort is also near several natural attractions on the island, which should make your stay more convenient! Choose Melati Resort as your getaway now and see our seasonal discounts!

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