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Newsletter of January - February 2018

DATE : 18 January 2018

New Year, New Hope, New Resolutions

Come and join us at Melati Beach Resort for the months of January and February where the essence of Melati  has been captured by selecting special new promotions for 2018, enjoy mouthwatering cocktails, specially crafted dishes at The View and Kan Sak Thong and indulge yourself at our Melati Spa.

Make sure 2018 starts with hope and happiness which makes for a brighter future where dreams can be become a reality.

Thank you for all your support and trust in 2017, we are looking forward to welcoming you in 2018.

Melati Spa

Fall in Love This Year @ Melati Spa


Discover yourself at Melati Spa this year in a tranquil oasis, where our amazing team will make you love the skin you're in. Nourishing treatments to start the new year with a new found belief to make time for yourself to enjoy the upcoming year.

Unwind and pamper yourself during your stay with us at Melati Spa.

Cocktail of the month

Tropical Fizz


This delicious cocktail is gin based with amazing fruit flavors, not only is it one of the most refreshing ways to cool off during your time with us, but let our cocktail guru Khun Ning guide you on a tropical journey, to make sure that this will become your cocktail of choice.

The View

The latest creation which will be available at our view restaurant for January and February is Khanom Pang na Goong. Chef Alexis created this mouthwatering dish for you to experience an aromatic pleasure you will never forget and will become your number one pick during your stay.

Kan Sak Thong


Our special dish at our fine dining restaurant will be Thai Styled Suki Talay (Hot Spicy Soup with Glass Noodles, Red Bean Curt served with Seafood) This signature appetizer is a creation from Chef Ken who has blended his passion for Thai cuisine in to this breathtaking dish, which has infused flavors to capture your taste buds.

Introducing: Khun Tar Our Melati Spa Manager

Khun Tar Melati's forever young spa manager, who is always smiling wherever you meet her around the hotel, has been strengthening the Melati Spa team since its opening. She started her career as a spa trainer travelling around Thailand and neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Philippines.

She has achieved many rewards for Melati Spa to uphold the high standards which Melati is known for. Always happy to get involved in a relaxing chat, give advice or create a personal unique relaxation treatment package.

Matching her career she leads a very health conscious life by making sure her lifestyle offers wellness and harmony, which is perfect when teaching our guest about the packages we offer.

Melati's Wellness Spa Program

Treat yourself to one of our amazing wellness package which are specially crafted by our spa team with our main aim to offer you the chance to be revitalized, re-energized, and relaxed. With half day and full day packages available let us take care of you in achieving the best results in a safe and nourishing atmosphere. The program features selected exercises such as Yoga, Meditation as well as massages and healthy spa cuisines. A new year is the perfect time for wellness and relaxation let us guide you on this new and exciting journey.


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Newsletter of January - February 2018

New Year, New Hope, New Resolutions

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